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Quotes and Characters

“The most important lessons we learn in life come from all of our mistakes.”

-Queen Daybreak, Loftia Legends: The Wish, page 128

“But the truth Emerald, is that I have never met anyone as bright….as you. You have shown me that in order to order to be yourself, you have to face your fears.”

-Amber, Loftia Legends: The Hidden Enemy, page 261

“Sure, I am older than you and in some perspectives that can make me more mature, but even before the wish you were already confident in who you were, so grateful for what you had that I...You have a positive soul, Midnight, but that does not make you more immature. In reality, it has made you more mature than many grown creatures in this town.”

-Cloudrunner, Loftia Legends: The Search, page 41

“Amber taught me that being a good creature isn’t always about the choices you make; it's about how you deal with them. I let my fear of doing something wrong keep me from trying to get close to Cloudrunner again and to try to make new friends."

-Emerald, Loftia Legends: The Hidden Enemy, page 283

The Latest Novels

The Second Book: Available Now!

Get ready for an all new adventure in Dream Chaser's second novel!

The Third Book: Coming Soon!

The story continues in Dream Chaser's third novel! Coming soon!

Latest News

Dream Chaser is happy to present book 3, Loftia Legends: The Search! It will be available for sale soon so make sure to keep checking back here for updates!

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About the Creators of Loftia

Ava (Dream Chaser)

Ava Lofty (Dream Chaser) is a young author that lives in the United States of America. In addition to writing, she also loves to draw, read, and watch television. She has been working on the concept of the world of Loftia since she was in elementary school, and since then has expanded her ideas into a new series of novels.

Kate (Firestorm)

Kate Steffen (Firestorm) is a young author and Dream Chaser's editor that lives in the United States of America. In addition to writing, she also loves to draw, read, and create new worlds. She has helped edit both of Dream Chaser's stories and build the world of Loftia.